My Writings

The Critchfield Locket: A "clean read" novella inspired by a locket my Grandmother gave to me many years ago.

"Who knew that an antique locket could mysteriously transform someone to another place and time? The Critchfield Locket is full of surprises and unexpected turns, keeping the reader in suspense."

Kate Dornacher is a woman surrounded in mystery. In her distress, she is found hurting and confused, sitting in front of Critchfield Manor. Will her nightmares give her the clues she needs to piece together what has happened to her?

Nicholas Bennett doesn't know what to think about his unexpected house guest.There is something about her that touches him, but will he let go of his fears, or send her on her way?
Read a sample here. See the list of characters here Read the back-story here

Thoughts Unraveling: A small collection of my favorite, personal, poetry and prose, written over the last 20+ years. It is a journey of highs and lows, of humor and sadness, of love and loss.