TCL Who's Who

Cast of Characters from The Critchfield Locket:

Katherine Dornacher ~ young woman

Nicholas Bennett ~ Owner of Critchfield Manor

Preston Granville ~ Doctor and friend to William

Alice Granville ~ wife of Preston

Edward Dickson ~ Friend and neighbor of William

Rose Dickson ~ wife of Edward

Ernest Dickson - son of Edward and Rose

Eliza Dickson ~ daughter of Edward and Rose

Arthur Wooldridge ~ colleague and friend of William

Fredric Thompson ~ Critchfield Manor Grounds Keeper

Mary Thompson ~ wife of Fredric and Critchfield Manor Housekeeper

Margaret Adams ~ Critchfield Manor Maid

Robert Adams ~ brother of Margaret and Critchfield Manor Servant

Thomas Baxter ~ valet of Nicholas Bennett

Adelaide Rusch ~ Critchfield Manor Cook

Cora Husk ~ Critchfield Manor Cook

Lewis Pobloske ~ friend of Edward Dickson

Clara Pobloske ~ wife of Lewis

Loring Beverly ~ friend of Edward Dickson

Matilda Beverly ~ daughter of Loring

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